The Skywatcher Zoom



Manufacturer Data:



Fully MgFl2 coated


Focal length:


8 to 24mm, continuously variable (left)


7 to 21 mm, continuously variable (right)


Apparent field of view 8 to 24mm: 60° (8mm) to 40° (24mm)


Apparent field of view 7 to 21mm: 43° (7mm) to 30° (21mm)


Barrel size: 1,25“


Rubber eye cup, grip coated body





The main advantage of a zoom is surely the simple handling. You just need one eyepiece to achieve a wide range of magnifications. Also the eye relief is comfortable, if you choose 7 or up to 21mm focal length. If you wear glasses, you may use them in each magnification. the eyepiece looks very similar to the TS-Zoom.

When zooming in, you may need to adjust the focus a little bit. The eyepiece is not a 100% homofocal.


The eyepiece test:


Art.-Nr.: SKY-Zoom-7-21


Price: 49,00 €




test result


Art.-Nr.: SKY-Zoom-8-24


Price: 69,00 €




test result