The Eudiascopic Eyepieces by Baader Planetarium



Manufacturer Data:





Focal length:

3.5, 5, 7,5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35mm


Apparent field of view: about 45°


5 lenses in three groups, resp. 7 lenses in 4 groups (only 3.5 and 5mm)



Barrel size: 1,25“


This series is homofocal except the 35mm one. You do not need to readjust the focus when changing the focal length.






A remark on the apparent field of view: the 45° as stated by Baader seem to be a little bit underestimated. For instance, we measure about 50° for the 7.5 and 20mm eyepieces. So, compared to most of our Plossl- or Super-Plossl eyepieces, you will have a slightly bigger apparent field of view with the eudiascopic eyepieces – contrary to what manufacturer data tell you.


The eudiascopic design by Baader is an own, but nevertheless interesting way to very good eyepieces. By staying to a moderate apparent field of view it is possible to use less lenses and therefore, as Baader states, to get high transmission and edge sharpness.

These eyepieces are recommended for those amateur astronomers, which try to get the faintest details also in deep-sky observations and know that they have to stay at moderate apparent field of view for that.


The mechanical quality is really fine. We deliver these eyepieces together with the asymmetrical rubber eye cap as shown above. The eye cap is very comfortable, you will love it. As for the Genuine Orthos the blackening inside and the precision field stop are some of the details which show you high manufacturing quality.


We do not have these eyepieces on stock regularly. Please calculate a couple of days additionally for the delivery!


The eyepieces one by one:



Art.-Nr.: BA-EU-03.8


Price: 129,00 €


3,8mm eudiascopic eyepiece





Art.-Nr.: BA-EU-05


Price: 129,00 €


5mm eudiascopic eyepiece





Art.-Nr.: BA-EU-07.5


Price: 105,00 €


7,5mm eudiascopic eyepiece


Available on stock!



Art.-Nr.: BA-EU-10


Price: 105,00 €


10mm eudiascopic eyepiece





Art.-Nr.: BA-EU-15


Price: 105,00 €


15mm eudiascopic eyepiece





Art.-Nr.: BA-EU-20


Price: 105,00 €


20mm eudiascopic eyepiece


Available on stock!



Art.-Nr.: BA-EU-25


Price: 115,00 €


25mm eudiascopic eyepiece





Art.-Nr.: BA-EU-30


Price: 135,00 €


30mm eudiascopic eyepiece




Art.-Nr.: BA-EU-35


Price: 149,00 €


35mm eudiascopic eyepiece