The Hyperion Wide-Angle series by Baader Planetarium



Manufacturer Data:





Focal length:

3,5, 5, 8, 13, 17 and 21mm


Apparent field of view: 68°


8 lenses in 5 groups


barrel size: 1,25“ and 2“ combined






The eyepieces are multifunctional:

-          the Barlow-element can be removed and you will get a 2“-eyepiece of longer focal length

-          M48-thread at the front side to adapt cameras etc. by use of a variety of adapters




The Hyperion-series is designed for amateur astronomers looking for wide apparent field combined with good quality. Eyepieces are suitable for fast Newtonians up to F/4 also.


Set of two eyepieces (choose your focal length): 240.- Euro

Complete set (all six eyepieces): 699.- Euro


The eyepieces one by one:



Art.-Nr.: BA-HYP-03.5


Price: 125,00 €


3,5mm Wide Angle Eyepiece




Art.-Nr.: BA-HYP-05


Price: 125,00 €


5mm Wide Angle Eyepiece



Art.-Nr.: BA-HYP-08


Price: 125,00 €


8mm Wide Angle Eyepiece



Art.-Nr.: BA-HYP-13


Price: 125,00 €


13mm Wide Angle Eyepiece



Art.-Nr.: BA-HYP-17


Price: 125,00 €


17mm Wide Angle Eyepiece



Art.-Nr.: BA-HYP-21


Price: 125,00 €


21mm Wide Angle Eyepiece