The Ultra Wide Angle series by Skywatcher



Manufacturer Data:





Focal length:

6 – 9 – 15 – 20 mm


Apparent field of view: 66°


Barrel size: 1,25“


Eye relief 13 to 17mm


Rubber eye cup, barrel recess




Really a fine series! Combines large apparent field of view with comfortable eye relief. This series is recommended especially for beginners which own a Dobson, but also for the advanced observer, who needs a large apparent field of view but wants to save money. Image quality is astonishing for the price, edge sharpness is acceptable for 6, 9 and 15mm focal length at F/5 also.


Contrary to the TS-SW series, which is fully multicoated and with blackened lens edges, the Skywatchers are not multicoated on all glass-air surfaces. Therefore some reflections may occur when watching bright objects (moon, planets). The fully multicoating and blackened lens edges distinguish these eyepieces from the similar, but somewhat more expensive TS Super Wide Angle eyepieces.
Dust caps for top and bottom are part of the delivery.

The eyepieces are not parfocal, i.e. when changing the focal length you have to readjust the focus.


The eyepieces one by one:


Art.-Nr.: SKY-UWA-06


Price: 39,90 €


Ultra Wide Angle 6mm


test result

Art.-Nr.: SKY-UWA-09


Price: 39,90 €


Ultra Wide Angle 9mm


test result

Art.-Nr.: SKY-UWA-15


Price: 39,90 €


Ultra Wide Angle 15mm


test result

Art.-Nr.: SKY-UWA-20


Price: 39,90 €


Ultra Wide Angle 20mm


test result